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StuART Studio

Fun Fine Art Classes for children

(Ages 3-13)

4818 Stuart Avenue

Richmond, Virginia 23226


Students will explore the world of art through paintings, photographs, literature and guided hands-on projects. Lessons enhance your child's appreciation for the arts and the creative process as well as aid in the development of fine motor skills. Students will study the basic foundations of art: color, line, shape, texture and form.  They will also develop art skills using scissors, paintbrushes, clay tools, collage, glue and other techniques.

StuART Studio has been in operation since February 2010, and has enjoyed great local success.  A new studio was completed in the Fall of 2012 to accommodate ever-increasing enrollments. All classes are taught by Gwen Campbell, an experienced artist, licensed art educator, preschool teacher and mom. In her lively lessons, Gwen draws on her lifelong love of art, aesthetics and the creative process and engenders that love in her students.  With bachelors degrees in both art history and art education, as well as ten years of experience teaching art classes in Hanover County, Gwen easily engages your young student in a variety of colorful art experiences.  She is a ceramic artist as well, exhibiting her work in retail and art show settings throughout the region. Visit for further info. StuART Studio is conveniently located within minutes of The Avenues at Libbie and Grove and Willow Lawn Shopping Center.

StuART Studio

4818 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226

email: to register

see our weekly class schedule below...

Beautiful Blooms



Join us to celebrate Spring!!!

Saturday, April 9th

1:15 - 3:00 p.m.

Join us to create a beautiful silk and paper flower topiary that will last for seasons to come!  Paint your own flower pot to match your gorgeous blooms.  All work completed in one day and ready to take home - yay!

1:15 -3:00 pm

workshop fee: $42


Mothers Day WORKSHOP:

SATURDAY, April 30th

1:15 -3:00 pm

further details soon to follow...


Afterschool Art Classes are underway!

Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Studio...

3:50 - 4:50 pm

 Spring Afterschool Art Classes

Tuesdays or Thursdays 3:50-4:50

Join us anytime...

(classes are pro-rated)

Join your friends after school to unwind and create incredible works of art in a variety of media including clay, paint, pastel, paper, plaster and wood.  Learn about the lives and work of famous artists and invent your own approach to their inspiration.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

April Afterschool dates: 4/5-4/28

May Afterschool dates: 5/3-4/26

Come join the fun anytime!

Have Your Next BIRTHDAY PARTY at StuART Studio!

Contact gwen for further information:

StuART Studio Registration Information

Full payment is due with registration. Classes are pro-rated based on attendance.  Students may begin a session any time.  Payments not received within 2 weeks of session start are subject to 5% late fee. Students will be registered on a first-come first-served basis, so please sign up soon!

For more information and to register please call Gwen Campbell, 353-2088 or email:

Please mail payment and registration form to:

Gwen Campbell, 4818 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226

Checks should be made out to: Gwen Campbell

StuART Studio now accepts credit cards for payment



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For more information and to register please call Gwen Campbell, 353-2088 or email:

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